San Bernardino, Calif. (June 30, 2011) - Not very many of her high school classmates in Westlake, California know much, if anything, about her racing prowess.  "It's not in the regular sort of stuff that kids in my class do or talk a lot about," says 17-year-old professional racing driver Jessica Clark.  Perhaps they should.  Particularly so they can say: "… Yup, I went to high school with HER!"  in just a few short years. 


This is a bright young woman with sports background that includes winning championships in both swimming and soccer.  This is a seventeen year-old who numbers among her achievements the ability to ride a unicycle, and who, on just about every weekend of the racing season, pulls on a fireproof suit, a carbon fiber helmet, and effortlessly morphs into a very successful competition driver.


And, not only successful, but successful in two very different styles of racing cars: open-wheel Ford Focus Midgets in United States Automobile Club (USAC) events and full-bodied S2 stock cars in National Association of Stock Car Racing (NASCAR) events!


When last checked, Clark's 2011 racing itinerary showed 31 events at 10 different speedways up and down the state of California, with a couple of road trips to Las Vegas and a whole bunch of visits to the track in Salt Lake City thrown in just for good measure.


A quick look at her 2010 resume (at showcases her talent and potential with high finishes in both USAC Focus Midgets and the NASCAR S2's, with checkmarks in the "win" column this year showing that she's learning the craft every trip out.


And, both of the divisions that Clark races in are very closely-controlled "spec classes" … which means that every car is technically identical: chassis, engine, weight, tires … everything but the paint job. 


And, what that means is driving talent, not check-writing ability is the coin of the realm here.  The list of top professional drivers who have come through the ranks of "spec series" is long and impressive, and Clark is very much looking forward to adding her name to that roster.


By way explanation, the two machines that Clark does so well in could NOT be more different.  A Ford Focus Midget is a tiny, open-wheel, single-seater that only weighs about 850 pounds, has a (short) 80-inch wheelbase, uses a hot 4-cylinder motor right out of a Ford Focus that cranks out over 200 horsepower on straight methanol, and is as twitchy as a waterbug on a greasy pond skittering around a fast paved oval. 


On the other hand, an S2 race car (named for "Step Two" as in what to drive after doing well in Karts or Legends Cars) goes to the line at 2750 pounds (with driver), has a full-size sedan body, and a 350-horsepower V-8 engine under the hood.  


Both of these very different machines are run under strictly controlled rules and, as mentioned, both are designed to show off driving and setup talent over spending.


True to her generation, Clark blogs about all of her races on her website  and her entries sound very knowledgeable:  "…Qualified 1st for the main! … Had a crazy right rear (tire) that we've been chasing all day … The car was way loose."  These are the thoughts/notes of a 17-year old who is working diligently on becoming an expert at racing car set up.    


Jessica currently is one of leaders in the USAC National and Western Ford Focus points championships, has the lead in both the Western and Utah Pavement Ford Focus points, is tied for the lead in the Southern Pavement Ford Focus Points, and is third in points in the Northern Pavement division.  She is also fourth in points in the S2 NASCAR series.


Dick Dixon, the publisher of Hot Rod Parts Guide, himself once a young midget and sprint car racer, ("Loooong Ago," he quickly reminds), sees great potential in Clark as a driver and as a representative for potential sponsors.  "This young driver has all the tools to succeed in motorsports, she's got the talent, the drive, the brains, and the personality to go as far as she wants in the business."


ADD:  With as much success as she's had already in the still-young 2011 season racing season, Clark and her family  (Fire Captain Dad and Schoolteacher Mom) have decided to chase the USAC National Championship for Ford Focus Midgets.  This means a lot more trips to where the open-wheelers run, and a few less rides in the S-2 doorslammers. 


"If she makes it she'll be the first-ever woman USAC woman champion in any division," said Dixon.  "It'll take a solid record and a bit of luck, remember she'll be 'racing' against drivers from around the country when she races her Midget, they may not be in the same race, but they're out there piling up points too!"  Jessica will need to run hard and finish well in every race.


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