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This past weekend the Star Grand American Modifieds featured their third race of the season at the Tri Holiday Classic Opener featuring a 60 lap main event. The Star Grand American Modifieds is a series within the NASCAR Whelen All American Modified series. As the Star GAM drivers compete for their own points and payouts provided by Star Racing Supply, they will also be competing in the NASCAR Whelen All American modified series as well. Three Star GAM drivers made it to the track on Saturday to battle with the newer cars.

William Camera posted fast times in practice with a time of 14.634 seconds however Dave Stricklin was right there with Camera with a time of 14.650 seconds. Two practice sessions were scheduled and the second practice session was used as the qualifying order. The division cut trophy dashes which led the division into the first main events.

Nick Lyons started the main event sitting in the last position as he suffered motor problems all day. On the start Lyons battled with a competitor for the 10th position however Lyons stayed in the 11th position. On lap seven, Lyons was passed by a Whelen driver sending Lyons to the 12th position. Nick was quickly able to make the pass back for 11th and continued to set sights on the next driver. On lap 18, Lyons was battling with fellow Star GAM driver Jessica Clark for ninth as the two would trade spots until Lyons was able to overpower Clark on lap 21. On lap 22, Lyons picked up another position for eighth and maintained a steady pace. Lyons finishes 8th in the Whelen division however Lyons captured his third Star GAM victory.

William Camera started eighth in the main event as the highest starting position for the Star GAM division among the Whelen drivers. On the start Camera battled with a fellow competitor for sixth as the competitor was able to overpower Camera for position. Camera posted consistency keeping up with the pack and by lap 17 Camera gained two positions for fifth. On lap 38, Camera on the outside row in turn two suffered damages as Alan Rider climbed over Camera’s left front tire ended his night short. Camera finished 12th in the Whelen Modified series where he claimed a second place finish in the Star Grand American Modified series.

New division driver Jessica Clark had suffered motor problems early on in the season which prevented her from racing and with a new refreshed motor Clark was able to make the Tri Holiday Classic race as her Modified debut. Clark with lots of experience from the USAC pavement series entered the new division with confidence and patients. Clark posted third fast time in qualifying for the Star GAM series and started 16th in the Whelen main event. On the start Clark had moved up to the 12th position battling with Alan Rider as Rider had more power to gain the position. Clark in a steady 13th position made a move for the 12th position and on lap 16 was running down competitor Nick Lyons. By lap 17, Clark made a two position jump including passing Lyons for the ninth position. Clark and Lyons battled it out for ninth swapping positions as they were battling for second in the Star GAM division. On lap 21, Clark fell back to the 12th position and maintained her position for majority of the race. Tough break for Clark on lap 38 as she suffered a broken ball joint ending her night short. Clark finished 14th in the Whelen division and a third in her first Star Grand American Modified race.

“I really enjoyed my first race. My main goal as to stay out of trouble and learn the different techniques of racing Modifieds. Unfortunately, due to mechanical failure I as not able to finish the race. I made the most out of the laps I had under green and I think it was a successful weekend,” stated Jessica Clark.

David Stricklin started ninth in the main event behind Star GAM driver William Camera. However, tough break for Stricklin as he was involved in a wreck that happened on the start of the race in turn two ending his night early. Stricklin finished seventeenth in the Whelen division and a fourth place finish in the Star Grand American Modified division.

Next up for the Whelen All American Modifieds Presented by Star Racing Supply is June 9th as the division heads into their fifth championship points race at Stockton 99 Speedway as the division will feature the SRL series. The Modified division will put on a Twin 40 lap main events show for the SRL series.

For More information on Stockton 99 Speedway or the Whelen All American Series Modifieds Presented by Star Racing Supply race series, visit website or call 209 466-9999. For more information on Star Racing Supply visit The Racer's store is located 8581 Younger Creek Drive, Sacramento, CA 95828 or call (916) 914-1284
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2012 Whelen All American Series Modifieds Presented by Star Racing Supply Schedule:
April 28th Twin 40s
May 5th w/K&N 60 laps
May 26th Tri Holiday Race 1 & 60 laps
June 9th Twin 40s w/SRL
June 16th Twin 40s
June 30th Tri Holiday Race 2 & 60 laps
July 21st Twin 40s
August 4th Twin 40s
September 1st Tri Holiday Classic Race 3 & 60 laps
September 15th Twin 40s


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